10 Minutes

10 Minutes

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10 Minutes
  • How To Hit Reset Anytime Anywhere

    Hit Reset on the go! Use this routine to bring more ease to your neck, shoulders, back, and hips, and find more balance wherever you are. Includes simple stretches you can do at your desk, on the bus, or anywhere you happen to be sitting. No one will even notice (if they do, they'll want to join ...

  • Pre-Ride Warm Up

    Get ready to ride! This quick pre-cycle routine will get your breath flowing, activate key muscles, and help you maintain optimal riding position through the miles ahead.
    - Focus: performance, warm up
    - Key muscles: quads, glutes, back, core, shoulders
    - When: pre-ride

  • Align Your Stride

    Get ready to run! Use this quick pre-workout routine to warm up your breath and key muscles, create fluidity through your hamstrings and hips, and align your stride for the miles ahead.
    - Focus: warm up
    - Key muscles: hamstrings, hips
    - When: pre-run

  • Workout Day Warm Up

    Use this dynamic warm up to encourage turnover while connecting your mind, body, and breath. Incorporates low reps to hit all your key running muscles quickly including activation for your glutes, back, and core to help you get the most out of the miles ahead.
    - Focus: warm up, performance
    - Key ...

  • Quick Post-Ride Reset

    Whether you're done for the day or taking a quick break, bring more balance to your cycling body in less than 10 minutes by easing stiffness and tension in your quads, hips, back, wrists, and neck. You don't even have to get off your bike!
    - Focus: recovery
    - Key muscles: quads, hips, back, wrist...

  • Nurture Yourself Meditation

    Use this quick meditation to practice the art of nurturing yourself as you nurture your children — and to remind yourself that you are doing great.
    - Focus: mental focus, recovery
    - When: whenever you can!
    - Suggested prop: bolster or pillow

  • Taper Meditation

    You've done the work, now recover right. Rather than throwing a taper tantrum, use this meditation to help you absorb and optimize your training. BONUS: Legs Up the Wall adds a restorative boost.
    - Focus: mental focus, recovery
    - When: post-workout or recovery day
    - Suggested props: wall, strap