Balance Your Upper Body

Balance Your Upper Body

This week unwind common upper body and postural imbalances — most of which are caused by… sitting! — with focused front body stretching and back body activation. Start with the Balance Your Upper Body video and continue to fine tune your upper body balance with the additional recommended videos.

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Balance Your Upper Body
  • Balance Your Upper Body

    The most common upper body and postural imbalance is caused by… sitting! We sit all the time, and this affects us by shortening and tightening the chest, and overstretching and weakening the upper back, resulting in slouchy posture.

    Use this Balance Your Upper Body video to understand how sittin...

  • Where are your shoulder blades?

    Exclusive routine from HIT RESET: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes!
    There's a lot going on in your shoulders. Despite what you might think, each of your shoulders is made of two joints. Use this self-test from HIT RESET to assess and correct your shoulder blade alignment, and learn more in the Sor...

  • Full Body Core

    Use this core routine to work your entire body as the integrated unit it's designed to be by incorporating your shoulders and upper back, plus your extremities. Includes core activation and plank variations to increase your total body strength and stability.
    – Focus: core strength
    – Key muscles: ...

  • Reclined Upper Body Reset

    Lie down, relax, and Reset your upper body. This restorative routine will ease back, chest, shoulder, and neck stiffness and tension while increasing your range of motion and circulation. Bonus: you'll optimize your breath capacity along the way.
    - Focus: recovery
    - Key muscles: back, chest, shou...

  • A4Y Practice Plan

    970 KB

    This 1-month practice plan will help you get real — more aware and actionable — about how you will use yoga to move towards your goals:

    • Print or fill it out digitally. 
    • Start each week by naming your goals: Identify the physical or mental Reset you need most and make a plan. 
    • Review what w...