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Watch this video and more on Athletes for Yoga

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Functional Core

CYP Weekly Plan: Balance • 16m

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  • Balance Your Lower Body

    One of the most common lower body imbalances is weak glutes, which fire a chain reaction of imbalances, usually affecting your hamstrings next.

    Use this practice to self-test whether your glutes are doing their job, activate and strengthen these critical muscles, and stretch tight, overworked ha...

  • Balance Your Upper Body

    The most common upper body and postural imbalance is caused by… sitting! We sit all the time, and this affects us by shortening and tightening the chest, and overstretching and weakening the upper back, resulting in slouchy posture.

    Use this Balance Your Upper Body video to understand how sittin...

  • Stand and Balance

    When is the last time you stood on one leg? Consider this: All your forward motion is a series of single leg balances. And yet, when we halt our usual pace and search for balance in stillness, it can feel illusive — we wobble, shake, and sometimes fall. Use this routine to strengthen your balance...