Strengthen Glutes + Release Hamstrings

Strengthen Glutes + Release Hamstrings

DAY 1: Use videos 1 - 3: What's Going on Back There, Are Your Glutes Working Too Hard or Not Hard Enough, and Establish a Blueprint for Center to complete self-assessment and remind your hips, glutes, and hamstrings of optimal alignment. Use Establish a Blueprint for Center throughout the week to return to alignment as needed.

The rest of the week, you'll alternate between glute activation + strengthening, and hamstring release + lengthening.

DAY 2: Use How to Activate Your Glutes
DAY 3: Use Hammy Time
DAY 4: Use Power Your Push Off
DAY 5: Use Flexible Running Hamstrings
DAY 6: Use Functional Core
DAY 7: Use Comprehensive Hip + Hamstring Reset

BONUS: Days you have time use one glute activation video pre-workout or run [find here or choose a video from Glutes: Isolate Activate, Strengthen] AND one hamstring Reset post-workout or run or in the evening [find here or choose a video from Hamstrings: Unstiffen Your Hamstrings].

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Strengthen Glutes + Release Hamstrings
  • What's going on back there?

    Exclusive routine from HIT RESET: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes!
    People don't pay much attention to their hamstrings, other than to moan about how stiff they are. The fact is we could all use a little hammy time... Use this self-test from HIT RESET to assess and correct your hamstring stretchin...

  • Are your glutes working too hard or not enough?

    Exclusive routine from HIT RESET: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes!
    The fact is, glute max is the boss of your push-off — the action of moving your body forward — in all physical pursuits... Use this self-test from HIT RESET to assess and correct your glute engagement, and learn more in the Wake U...

  • Establish a Blueprint for Center

    Exclusive routine from HIT RESET: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes!
    You are engineered for balance, so it makes sense that you're at your best when you're in balance. Lying down with your feet on the wall mimics standing and gives you the opportunity to observe (without the work of standing and ba...

  • How To Activate Your Glutes

    A few minutes spent activating and strengthening your glutes will add power to your stride and any workout. Use this routine to wake up and strengthen your butt!
    - Focus: strength, performance
    - Key muscles: glutes
    - When: pre-workout or cross-training

  • Hammy Time

    It's hammy time! For those times when you're out of gas and don't have much energy or time to stretch, use the wall to align and support your body while quickly re-lengthening stiff muscles. Includes a comprehensive hamstring Reset plus a hip opener. Shout out to Oiselle CEO Sally Bergesen for na...

  • Power Your Push Off

    Your glutes are the Boss of your "push off," so make sure they're doing their job. Use this routine to activate and strengthen your butt while mimicking forward motion to add stability and power to your stride.
    - Focus: strength, performance
    - Key muscles: hips, glutes
    - When: pre-run or cross-tr...

  • Flexible Running Hamstrings

    Can't touch your toes? No big deal. Your hamstrings should be like rubber bands, not guitar strings. This Reset will encourage your hammies to become more elastic and increase the fluidity of your stride.
    - Focus: hamstring flexibility
    - Key muscles: hamstrings, hips
    - When: pre- or post-workout

  • Functional Core

    Functional (practical) core strength means core muscles that are strong enough to safely and effectively power sport and life movement. Use this routine to build a foundation of deep core strength that will help you gain and sustain power when you walk, run, cycle, and more.
    – Focus: core strengt...

  • Comprehensive Hip + Hamstring Reset

    Use this comprehensive recovery routine for your hips and hamstrings to re-lengthen stiff hamstrings and restore hip range of motion. Enjoy the added bonus of easing low back pain and discomfort along the way. Includes Legs up the Wall and plenty of time for what's needed most post-workout: rest....