Twist It Out

Twist It Out

Twists have a natural clearing and balancing effect they also...

• Mobilize + align your spine
• Ease surrounding tension and imbalance
• Give your internal organs a gentle massage to ease digestion
• Increase your circulation and energy
• Shake off any lingering tension or stagnation

Start your week with video Twist It Out. If you'd like to continue your practice using twists as well as spine mobilization + alignment explore the other videos in the collection. You can also search core or back to find more videos geared towards each. Use one video every day for the rest of the week. Feel the difference.

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Twist It Out
  • Twist it Out

    Twists have a natural clearing and balancing effect — they mobilize your spine and ease surrounding tension and imbalance, and also give your internal organs a gentle massage.

    Use this warm up to mobilize and align your spine, increase your circulation and energy, and shake off any lingering ten...

  • Core Training

    Use this routine to activate and strengthen your core muscles to keep your spine long and stable, helping to mitigate back pain and injuries, and optimize your posture for powerful, functional movement. Added bonus: you'll move outside your usual range of motion for big benefits.
    – Focus: core st...

  • Stabilize Your Center

    When it comes to Balance, your core is always a good place to start.

    Use this practice to understand how your spine is designed to move, and how to activate and strengthen your core muscles to support that engineering and ease imbalance.

    Take your core stabilization practice further:
    • Use Core...

  • 5-Minute Back Reset

    Post-workout or prolonged sitting, your spine craves a return to neutral. This quick Reset will move your spine through its complete range of motion to improve circulation, ease stiffness, and re-establish optimal alignment and posture.
    - Focus: injury prevention, recovery
    - Key muscles: back
    - W...

  • Let Go

    Letting go is easier said than done. As stress and tension build up, so does imbalance, and often any resistance we have to letting go is an unconscious habit rather than intentional choice — we’re not even aware of just how much we’re holding on to.

    Use this practice to become more aware of w...

  • Lily Partridge's Back Reset

    Join professional British marathoner Lily Partridge for her Back Reset — a routine designed with and for Lily to restore a balance of mobility and stability to your spine, and ease low back stiffness and SI joint discomfort — in less than 15 minutes.
    - Focus: recovery
    - Key muscles: back, hips
    - ...

  • Evening Wind Down

    Use this routine to wind down your day. Shift your focus into your body, restore fluidity to joints and key muscles, release any lingering tension, and transition to recovery.

    - Focus: recovery
    - Key muscles: wrists, spine, hamstrings, hips, shoulders
    - When: evening
    - Suggested prop: bolster o...