Use Yoga at Your Desk

Use Yoga at Your Desk

Most of us sit at our desks all the time. Hello tech neck, sleepy core, hunched posture… This week Use Yoga At Your Desk! Or anywhere you sit. Start with the Use Yoga at Your Desk video — in less than 10 minutes you’ll wake up your core, open your chest, ease neck and shoulder tension, unwind your wrists, and get your posture back online.

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Use Yoga at Your Desk
  • Unwind Your Workday

    Create space between your work and your rest so that you can effectively transition into the rest of your day and optimize your rest and recovery.

    Use this Reset to unwind the postural imbalances that accompany long stretches at your desk — tech neck, stiff chest, sore back — calm your nervous s...

  • Use Yoga at Your Desk

    It’s time for some Yoga for Real — use yoga in your real life to come into balance in the moments when you need it most. And what’s more real than the amount of time we spend at our desks? And sitting in general?

    Use this Reset at your desk — or anywhere you might be sitting — to wake up your co...

  • 5-Minute Shoulder Reset

    Shoulder stiffness and tension — sound familiar? This quick Reset will bring relief to this area by opening and increasing circulation to the muscles of your shoulders, upper back, and chest.
    - Focus: injury prevention, recovery
    - Key muscles: back, chest, shoulders
    - When: post-workout or recove...

  • 5-Minute Neck Reset

    Neck tension is wasted energy. Use this quick Reset to ease strain and stiffness post-workout or wake up.
    - Focus: injury prevention, recovery
    - Key muscles: neck
    - When: post-workout or recovery day

  • How To Hit Reset Anytime Anywhere

    Hit Reset on the go! Use this routine to bring more ease to your neck, shoulders, back, and hips, and find more balance wherever you are. Includes simple stretches you can do at your desk, on the bus, or anywhere you happen to be sitting. No one will even notice (if they do, they'll want to join ...

  • A4Y Practice Plan

    970 KB

    This 1-month practice plan will help you get real — more aware and actionable — about how you will use yoga to move towards your goals:

    • Print or fill it out digitally. 
    • Start each week by naming your goals: Identify the physical or mental Reset you need most and make a plan. 
    • Review what w...