Balance Your Nervous System

Balance Your Nervous System

Balance your nervous system anytime, anywhere with your most powerful and accessible tool — your breath. All videos here will help you practice using your breath, meditation, and restorative postures to ease and balance your nervous system.

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Balance Your Nervous System
  • Breathe to Balance

    Your breath is your most powerful and accessible tool — you are always breathing and your breath is always available. Lengthening your exhale has a profound calming effect, activating your parasympathetic nervous system and helping you to slow your heart rate and relax.

    Use this Reset to balance...

  • Sit + Breathe

    Meditation is restorative mental focus training — it helps us to relax and recharge so that we can feel and function our best. Finding a balanced, comfortable seat is a great way to support yourself when you practice, and helps to reinforce balanced sitting — so important in general because we si...

  • Create Space Meditation

    It’s often when we feel like we don’t have time to meditate or rest that we need that space the most. When you’re busy, things tend to blur together — as if there’s no space between thoughts — and it’s hard to be fully present and effective with what you’re doing.

    Use this practice to slow thin...

  • Put Your Legs Up

    Let's talk about the Boss of recovery: Legs up the wall. This restorative posture recirculates the blood and any excess fluid in the legs, re-lengthens tight hamstrings, relaxes the low back and feet, and so much more. Spending time with your Legs up after a hard effort or long day is a meditatio...

  • Let Go

    Letting go is easier said than done. As stress and tension build up, so does imbalance, and often any resistance we have to letting go is an unconscious habit rather than intentional choice — we’re not even aware of just how much we’re holding on to.

    Use this practice to become more aware of w...

  • A4Y Practice Plan

    970 KB

    This 1-month practice plan will help you get real — more aware and actionable — about how you will use yoga to move towards your goals:

    • Print or fill it out digitally. 
    • Start each week by naming your goals: Identify the physical or mental Reset you need most and make a plan. 
    • Review what w...