New A4Y Videos

  • Find your Feet with Kendra Chambers

    Kendra Chambers, professional middle distance runner and A4Y Pro, shows you how to create a more balanced foundation to run on by strengthening your alignment, and the muscles of your lower legs and feet. Use this routine to gain functional strength for running and beyond, and to create more flui...

  • Activate Your Core + More with Kendra Chambers

    As Kendra knows — In running and beyond, it’s critical to have a strong core that functions properly to support functional movement. Use this routine pre-run or workout to activate and strengthen key muscles including your hamstrings, hips, glutes, and core, in a comprehensive way.

    Focus: warm u...

  • Recovery Zone with Kendra Chambers

    Kendra shares her favorite moves to Reset key running muscles — lower legs, feet, and hips. Use this routine to ease tired muscles, restore fluidity, and recover effectively.

    Focus: recovery
    Key muscles: feet, calves, achilles, hips
    When: post-run / workout

  • Happy Legs + Lower Body with Stephanie Howe

    Steph shares her favorite quick stretches to bring your body into balance after your run. Use this routine to create more fluidity in your hips and lower body and connect that feeling all the way through your side body, shoulders, and back. Plus hear Steph's top tips about how to integrate some o...

  • Quick Lower Body Reset with Stephanie Howe

    Join Stephanie trailside for some of her favorite post-run lower body stretches — use this routine to improve fluid range of motion in your hips and bring your lower body into balance. A must after running uphill!

    Focus: recovery
    Key muscles: calves, achilles, hamstrings, hips
    When: post-run