Run — Yoga for Triathletes

Run — Yoga for Triathletes

Use these videos to optimize your overall triathlon performance by finishing strong. A quick pre-run warm up brings you back to your powerhouse — your core and glutes — and helps you to feel strong and resilient heading into the last leg of the race. And a quick post-run cool down eases hamstring, hip, and back stiffness while moving your body outside your usual forward-oriented range of motion to create more balance.

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Run — Yoga for Triathletes
  • A4Y Practice Plan

    970 KB

    This 1-month practice plan will help you get real — more aware and actionable — about how you will use yoga to move towards your goals:

    • Print or fill it out digitally. 
    • Start each week by naming your goals: Identify the physical or mental Reset you need most and make a plan. 
    • Review what w...

  • Pre-Run Warm Up

    Use this quick pre-run routine to activate your breath and encourage turnover while warming up all your key running muscles quickly including your glutes, core, and back to optimize the miles ahead.
    - Focus: performance, warm up
    - Key muscles: glutes, core, back
    - When: pre-run

  • Quick Post-Run Reset

    Use this quick post-run cool down to ease stiffness and tension in your hamstrings, hips, and back by moving your body outside your usual, forward-oriented range of motion before you head back inside.
    - Focus: recovery
    - Key muscles: hamstrings, hips, back
    - When: post-run

  • Bike to Run Transition Optimizer

    After you ride, get the most out of your run by optimizing the transition from your bike to your feet. Use this routine during your training to practice staying focused and relaxed while shifting muscle engagement to hit your stride in the final, most challenging part of the race. You'll feel the...

  • Comprehensive Reset for Triathletes

    Use this full body Reset to ease lingering stiffness and tension and restore range of motion to all your key swim, cycle, and run muscles in less than 25 minutes. Use it to relax deeply absorb the benefits of all your hard work, and make space for the training ahead.
    - Focus: recovery
    - Key muscl...