Yoga for Stroller Running

Yoga for Stroller Running

Use these videos to mitigate the affects of stroller running on your body and running form. After lots of requests for routines to address the aches and pains that accompany pushing your running buddy in the stroller, we're excited to deliver Yoga for Stroller Running.

Bonus: This trio is free! It's our gift to all the parents on the run out there. Use these video to help you find balance amid the demands of stroller running (and parenting).

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Yoga for Stroller Running
  • A4Y Practice Plan

    970 KB

    This 1-month practice plan will help you get real — more aware and actionable — about how you will use yoga to move towards your goals:

    • Print or fill it out digitally. 
    • Start each week by naming your goals: Identify the physical or mental Reset you need most and make a plan. 
    • Review what w...

  • Post-Stroller Run Reset

    Post-stroller run, your body needs to Reset more than ever. Use this quick routine to ease stiffness and tension in all the key areas before pulling your running buddy out of their ride.
    - Focus: recovery
    - Key muscles: hamstrings, hips, glutes, quads, back, shoulders
    - When: post-stroller run or...

  • Pre-Stroller Run Warm Up

    Use this quick warm up to activate and strengthen your glutes, core, and upper back to get the most out of the miles ahead. Grab your stroller (+ kid) and get after it!
    - Focus: strength, performance
    - Key muscles: glutes, core, back
    - When: pre-stroller run
    - Suggested prop: stroller

  • Stroller Running Strength

    Get strong to run with that stroller! Use this routine to build the strength needed to optimize your stride and reduce stroller running strain — and injury risk.
    - Focus: injury prevention, performance, strength
    - Key muscles: hips, glutes, core, back, shoulders
    - When: pre-stroller run or cross-...