Plan: Race Week(end)

Plan: Race Week(end)

It's marathon race week! And we have your 7-day taper plan for race week. [Read on and scroll all the way down for day by day notes.] The hay is the barn, the forecast is set, you're primed and ready. You may be feeling the buzz of extra energy during this last week of taper, or you might feel lethargic. Every runner is different. Either way, spend less time fretting and more time on your mat with a full week of deep strategic recovery and mobility with this 7 day plan leading up to race day! Remember the race is the celebration of your hard work. Enjoy being with yourself, where you are. You are ready. Share your journey to the starting line with #athletesforyoga!

Last double-digit day is done! Time to #hitreset, get quality fuel to your body, and relax.  
Videos: Quick Post-LR Reset + Race Day Meditation + Sunday Reset

Time to do a full body scan and Reset. Take note of what’s feeling out of balance, and remember to focus in on those areas in the coming week.
Videos: High Mileage Reset + Race Day Meditation

For something so small, a side stitch can really manifest into a show stopper. We can't guarantee you won't get a side stitch, but we can help you avoid it. The Side Body Reset was created by request for Lauren Fleshman who was consistently annoyed by painful side stitches. It's super restorative and will help you ease your chronically stiff sides. 
Videos: Side Body Reset + Race Day Meditation

Hay is in the barn, legs are up the wall. You may have just completed your last pace rehearsal before the big day — time to fully embrace the taper.  The last days before a race can be busy with work, taper crazies, family, packing... all racing around your head. Don't let recovery be another stress. Whether it's a 5-minute Reset or Figure 4 at your desk, sneak in recovery where you can. 
Videos: How to Hit Reset Anytime, Anywhere + 5 Minute Reset Collection + Taper Meditation

This is likely your travel day, but regardless most marathoners complain about booty lock. Whether you just got off a cramped flight, or have been sitting at work, it’s time to bring fluidity to your stiff hips and booty so you have full range of motion on Monday.
Videos: Booty Lock Mitigation + Race Day Meditation  

Nerves are setting in, don’t fret away energy you’ll need on Monday. Be intentional when you feel the spiral of nerves. Breathe, slow down, and relax. 
Videos: Relax Deeply + Race Day Meditation

The focus today is on remaining calm and strong. Use the hours to put your legs up the wall and exert as little energy as possible. If you find it calming and you’re used to the routine, do find a video that focuses on areas that feel out of balance. Maybe it’s your side body, or glutes, or hamstrings. Make sure you aren’t working, just bringing fluidity to the muscles. Skip anything that feels like hard work. 
Videos: Couch Reset + Race Day Meditation + How to Improve Your Sleep Meditation

Race Day Warm Up, especially if you have been using it in your training block. 

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Plan: Race Week(end)
  • Use Yoga for Marathon Week(end)

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  • Taper Meditation

    You've done the work, now recover right. Rather than throwing a taper tantrum, use this meditation to help you absorb and optimize your training. BONUS: Legs Up the Wall adds a restorative boost.
    - Focus: mental focus, recovery
    - When: post-workout or recovery day
    - Suggested props: wall, strap

  • High Mileage Reset

    Use this full body Reset after a big week of mileage, and especially during your peak weeks to absorb all of your hard work and ensure you don't dip into deficit. Embrace this recovery time is just as important and equally as productive as the miles themselves.
    - Focus: recovery
    - Key muscles: ca...

  • Side Body Reset

    Inspired by Pro Runner Lauren Fleshman, who has asked us for side stretches many times over the years, this Reset addresses the chronically stiff and commonly neglected sides of the body. These restorative stretches will help to neutralize your "side pocket" area including your IT bands, hips, an...

  • How To Hit Reset Anytime Anywhere

    Hit Reset on the go! Use this routine to bring more ease to your neck, shoulders, back, and hips, and find more balance wherever you are. Includes simple stretches you can do at your desk, on the bus, or anywhere you happen to be sitting. No one will even notice (if they do, they'll want to join ...

  • Booty Lock Mitigation

    Booty lock. It's pretty self-explanatory, right? If you never stretch your hips, you're probably familiar with this super stiff, uncomfortable feeling in your hips and glutes. The remedy? Use this routine to ease stiffness and maintain optimal range of motion.
    - Focus: hip flexibility
    - Key muscl...

  • Flexible Running Hamstrings

    Can't touch your toes? No big deal. Your hamstrings should be like rubber bands, not guitar strings. This Reset will encourage your hammies to become more elastic and increase the fluidity of your stride.
    - Focus: hamstring flexibility
    - Key muscles: hamstrings, hips
    - When: pre- or post-workout

  • Relax Deeply

    Use props to support your body so that your tired muscles don't have to. This deeply relaxing Reset will ease overworked muscles and decrease any lingering tension in your system to optimize healing and recovery.
    - Focus: recovery
    - Key muscles: back, chest, shoulders, neck
    - When: post-workout o...

  • How To Improve Sleep Meditation

    If you're not sleeping well, you're not recovering as well as you could be. Use this short meditation to help you create space between the activities of your day and your rest, helping you ease into a better night's sleep.
    - Focus: mental focus, recovery
    - When: before bed
    - Suggested prop: wall

  • Race Day Meditation

    Use this simple meditation to activate your race or workout mantra — positive affirmation — and help you fly to the finish.
    - Focus: mental focus, performance
    - When: pre-workout/race
    - Suggested prop: bolster or pillow

  • Starting Line Warm Up

    Use this quick pre-race warm up to activate your breath, key muscles, and race mantra as you toe the line — no props required!
    - Focus: warm up, performance
    - Key muscles: glutes, hips, back
    - When: pre-workout/race