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  • How To Hit Reset Head to Toe

    Sometimes, it feels like everything needs a Reset. Use this routine post-workout or on rest days to hit all the key areas and trouble spots, bringing more balance to your body from head to toe.
    - Focus: recovery
    - Key muscles: feet, calves, hamstrings, IT bands, hips, chest, shoulders
    - When: pos...

  • 5-Minute Quad Reset

    Six words: Intense quad stretch at the wall. Give those big strong muscles some love.
    - Focus: injury prevention, recovery
    - Key muscles: quads, hip flexors
    - When: post-workout or recovery day
    - Suggested prop: folded blanket

  • Post-Ride Lower Body Reset

    Optimize your post-ride recovery with this quick routine that will ease lingering stiffness and tension in your ankles, calves, hamstrings, hips, and quads.
    - Focus: recovery
    - Key muscles: ankles, calves, hamstrings, hips, and quads
    - When: post-ride or recovery day
    - Suggested prop: folded blan...

  • Booty Lock Mitigation

    Booty lock. It's pretty self-explanatory, right? If you never stretch your hips, you're probably familiar with this super stiff, uncomfortable feeling in your hips and glutes. The remedy? Use this routine to ease stiffness and maintain optimal range of motion.
    - Focus: hip flexibility
    - Key muscl...

  • 5-Minute Back Reset

    Post-workout or prolonged sitting, your spine craves a return to neutral. This quick Reset will move your spine through its complete range of motion to improve circulation, ease stiffness, and re-establish optimal alignment and posture.
    - Focus: injury prevention, recovery
    - Key muscles: back
    - W...

  • 5-Minute Chest Reset

    Stiff pecs flop your posture forward and make you susceptible to shoulder injuries. This quick Reset will re-establish the space across your chest to improve your posture, optimize your breathing, and boost your energy.
    - Focus: injury prevention, recovery
    - Key muscles: chest, shoulders
    - When: ...

  • Preventative Medicine for Lower Legs + Feet

    Maintaining fluidity in your lower legs is key for preventing foot, calf, and shin pain and injuries. Use this routine as preventative medicine for the structures and muscles below your knees. Includes the most effective tactic for stretching your calves, foot stretches, toe alignment, and more.