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  • Start Here — Welcome

    Welcome! And thank you for being an Athlete for Yoga.

    We’re not here to do yoga. We are here to use yoga to solve problems and become more balanced, resilient, and powerful in sport, work, and life. Now is your opportunity to change your behavior for the better. You’ll feel better and do better,...

  • Build Your Home Studio — Prop Swap

    Set up your home studio without buying a single prop. A4Y Founder + Head Coach Erin Taylor shows you prop swaps to get more out of your Reset, wherever you are.

  • Self-Tests

    9 videos

    Learn from your best teacher: your own body. It's the expert, and if you pay attention, it will tell you exactly what you need to know.

    Adapted from Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes by Erin Taylor, these self-tests are designed to help you assess and correct some of the most common imb...

  • How To
    7 videos

    How To

    7 videos

    You're ready to do some yoga, but how?

    It’s not about doing yoga, it’s about how you use it that matters. These videos are designed to help you navigate some of the most common, universal scenarios athletes face daily — use them to solve sport and life problems, and feel the difference.

  • 5-Minute Resets

    10 videos

    Yoga in real life needs to work for you and your schedule.

    Luckily a little bit of yoga goes a long way to help you feel better and do better when you use it strategically — as little as 5 minutes can be a game changer when you use yoga to solve your imbalances. Whether you think you don't have...

  • Yoga for Balance

    8 videos

    Your body is engineered for balance and you’re at your best when you’re in balance.

    But the reality is that sports (and life!) create imbalances. When you train and compete, some muscles work overtime while others don't work hard enough, some movement patterns become habitual and others become ...