Yoga for Triathletes

  • Swim — Yoga for Triathletes

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    Use these video to find balance and optimize your power in the water. They'll help you to activate the right muscles — plus your breathing — to get the most out of your swim workouts, and help you cool down poolside to ease lingering stiffness and tension in your chest, shoulders, back, neck, an...

  • Bike — Yoga for Triathletes

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    Use these videos to optimize your bike segment. Hit the pre-ride warm up to activate key muscles in just three minutes, then notice the difference when you get on your bike — optimal riding position will be easier to settle into, you’ll be ready to roll, and quickly feel more powerful in the sadd...

  • Run — Yoga for Triathletes

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    Use these videos to optimize your overall triathlon performance by finishing strong. A quick pre-run warm up brings you back to your powerhouse — your core and glutes — and helps you to feel strong and resilient heading into the last leg of the race. And a quick post-run cool down eases hamstring...

  • Triathlon Transitions

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    Use these videos to practice transitions and as a key cross training tool. creating a smooth mental and physical shift to optimize your mind and body to tackle the next block. Transitions are crucial in the triathlon. It’s not just about switching sports and gear, but creating a smooth mental and...

  • Comprehensive Reset for Triathletes

    Use this full body Reset to ease lingering stiffness and tension and restore range of motion to all your key swim, cycle, and run muscles in less than 25 minutes. Use it to relax deeply absorb the benefits of all your hard work, and make space for the training ahead.
    - Focus: recovery
    - Key muscl...