Morning Warm Up

Morning Warm Up

Good morning! Use yoga to start your day, set your focus, and wake you up. Remember, coffee is always welcome in the home studio.

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Morning Warm Up
  • Good Morning Meditation

    Use this practice to welcome yourself to your day, align yourself with how you want to feel, and set the tone for the events to come.

    - Focus: mental focus, warm up
    - When: morning
    - Suggested prop: bolster or pillow

  • Morning Warm Up

    Use this full body wake up routine to warm and align joints, activate and strengthen key muscles, and connect to your breath.

    - Focus: warm up
    - Key muscles: wrists, spine, hamstrings, hips, shoulders
    - When: morning
    - Suggested prop: bolster or pillow

  • Morning Warm Up Flow with Stephanie Howe

    Wake up and get ready to run! Join professional ultra and trail runner Stephanie Howe for her full body morning warm up routine to wake up your breath, mind, and body, and to express gratitude for the day ahead.
    - Focus: warm up
    - Key muscles: calves, achilles, hamstrings, hips, core, back, shoul...

  • Mobilize in the Morning

    Roll out of bed and onto your mat! Use this warm up to gently mobilize your whole body to increase fluidity to muscles, surrounding tissues, and joints. You’ll ease any lingering stiffness, restore range of motion, and energize your body for your day ahead.

    Take your warm up practice further thi...

  • Lily Partridge's Lower Leg + Hip Warm Up

    Pre-run warm up, sorted. Join professional British marathoner Lily Partridge for her Lower Leg + Hip Warm Up — a routine designed with and for Lily to activate your lower legs and glutes, loosen up your hips, and ease any overnight stiffness. You'll wake up your key running muscles and movement p...

  • How To Warm Up

    Use this dynamic warm up to activate your breath and key muscles including your glutes, core, and back — a quick, energizing way to start your day or pregame your workout.
    - Focus: warm up, performance
    - Key muscles: hamstrings, glutes, core, back, shoulders
    - When: pre-workout

  • Activate Your Core + More with Kendra Chambers

    As Kendra knows — In running and beyond, it’s critical to have a strong core that functions properly to support functional movement. Use this routine pre-run or workout to activate and strengthen key muscles including your hamstrings, hips, glutes, and core, in a comprehensive way.

    Focus: warm u...

  • Wake Up Your Breathing

    Your breath is your most powerful and accessible tool — use it to wake up, warm up, and prepare yourself for what’s ahead.

    Whether you’re just waking up or need a refresh after prolonged sitting, use this warm up to activate your breathing and energize and support your body.

    Take your warm up p...